PKK 11th congress Declaration of the Central Committee of the PKK

The “victory and final congress” for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish people was attended by 125 delegates coming from abroad and four parts of Kurdistan.

In Memory of the Martyrs of Socialism

The freedom and democracy struggle led by the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan is part of the tradition and struggle of Mustafa Suphi, Hikmet Kivilcimli, Mihri Belli, Deniz, Ibrahim and Mahir.

Zeynep Kinaci (Zilan)

"The reason for my actions is my love for human beings and for life!" Zilan

The Second Major Sexual Rupture

Millennia after the establishment of patriarchy (what I call the “first major sexual rupture”) women were once again dealt a blow from which they are still struggling to recover.


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